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11 Operatic Emissions from the Ghost Terminal         12 August - 3 October 2022
Isaac Soh Fujita Howell

Four eggs in the morning, two in the afternoon, three in the evening. Romeo 4 blankly draws rings on his toast with the tomato ketchup.


The radio plays the world's end communiqué. Romeo 4 hears Agnès's familiar voice as she announces her playlist for the weekend. Songs from a previous era, of revolution and protest, of the turning millennia, of the clouds drifting.


He remembers a dream from long ago, a memory from before he was born. What is it like to become transparent, to become noise, an afterimage, enveloped in fog? All but a vanishing ripple on the water's immense surface. His spots are starting to peel off his skin.


What a strange and brief venture he had embarked on, in all its labor and blindness, youthful ambitions and hunger for love and community. The cosmic revue unfolding in front of the heavenly audience. One must regard themselves becoming built and deconstructed in order to truly understand their own becoming.


A whistle rings out and Romeo 4 returns to his senses. The conductor calls out, the train without destination is about to leave on its looping voyage.


“Et un autre jour s'en va / tourne et tourne et ne s'arrête pas / Et un autre jour s'en vas / Et dans cette petite vie...”



Isaac Soh Fujita Howell (b.1993 Princeton, NJ, USA) is pleased to present "11 Operatic Emissions from the Ghost Terminal," Howell's first solo exhibition with Galerie Dengyun. Howell received his MFA from Yale University (2017) and BFA from Washington University in St. Louis (2015). He has previously exhibited at the Fondation des États-Unis (Paris, FR) and Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery (New York, USA), and will be part of an upcoming group show at François Ghebaly Gallery (Los Angeles, USA) this fall.

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