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Embroidernity        1 - 31 October 2021
Wang Ye

Using traditional embroidery to re-present five iconic Modernist works, Wang Ye’s “Embroidernity Series” discusses the clash of aesthetic traditions in his hometown of Changsha, China. The five pieces to be exhibited make up the first chapter of a larger conceptual project in which the artist stages a semi-fictional narrative at the center of which is a skilled embroider who remakes Modernist masterpieces in the traditional medium of Xiang embroidery in an attempt to understand “Modernity,” and the (im)possibilities for her craft to enter “Modernity.” With an interest in country scenery and the female body, the embroider translates the following images to her medium: Braque’s La Roche-Guyon: le château, 1909, Malevich’s Woman with Pails: Dynamic Arrangement, Miró’s Still Life with Old Shoe, Picasso’s Seated Bather and Oppenheim’s Object. The result are five exquisitely detailed works that lures to viewer to question the aesthetics of modernity. Imbuing traditional medium with new forms, Wang Ye throws into question the very formation of “traditional” and “new,” and asks: What possibilities of modernity exist for art traditions outside of the Euro-American narrative? How can image-making contribute to our understanding of what is modern?


Each of the embroidered pieces, with sizes varying from 16x20cm to 20x28cm, framed with painted wooden frame, and anti UV museum glass.

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