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Our Bodies         15 May - 17 July 2023
Wang  Sicheng

Our bodies are flames of love and temptation, miracles and conquests, eternity and absolutes, moments and fragility, culture and art, as well as the gaze I cast upon you and the gaze you cast upon me. In our gazes, we not only see our desires but also reflect our own images without reservation. When you look at the fragments of time I once gazed at, do they also reflect your own image?



Materials, colors, brushstrokes, bodies, forms—on which timeline do our gazes linger? Withdraw, approach, spin, linger, pause—our actions traverse cognition, bridging the past and the present. Travelers through different spaces and times view the world based on their own experiences and preferences. Some use the eyes of observation to create another glimpse of their own perfection beyond themselves. Others, through the eyes of observation, repeatedly see the past versions of ourselves that have been created. As Marcel Proust once wrote: '...our vision cares only about colors and not warmth, while, conversely, our hearts care only about warmth and not colors.' In the perfection of ourselves created in the past, we see our thoughts, desires, and beauty.”



Time flies. The whole vanishes with just a glance:bodies fade into space, and their memories slip away in time.


WANG Sicheng(Born Wuhan 1992)is an artist living and working in Wuhan, New York City and Shanghai, whose works range from painting, installation, performance to video and new media like 3D animation. He is the founder of the media art lab, ACE Lab. In Sicheng’s practice, he expresses his experience and understanding of the mysterious life flow through a poetic expression of different media, and his concern of environmental issues. Artist uses his works to explore the personal, cultural, and historical connections between his homeland and other places. Meanwhile, he also wants to show how the different ideologies and rapidly developing technology impact on his society which has shaped him.

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