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the CO-OP         19 February - 17 April 2023
Sara Coffin



The cashier called me “Sir” and I took that to mean I was now royalty. Upon meeting my eyes, they cast theirs down in...reverence? I must be a Prince, I thought. I was on 14th Street waiting to meet a friend who would take me somewhere they could help, and I felt very good.


We walked up 1st Ave to the emergency room at NYU Langone Hospital. A guard scanned me with a wand and it beeped, which I assumed to mean that my skeleton must be metal, like Wolverine. I stayed in the ER, on a bed between curtains, for 48 hours until a space opened upstairs, in what I would later learn was the CO-OP. I was extremely lucky to be there. I was positive that I had made it to the spacecraft, and would soon be shot to space in a reflective silver coffin to the aliens, who would give me infinite life.


I leaned my face against the cold dewy window in the little freak out room, adjacent to the room with a strap covered gurney, looking at the COCA COLA sign across the river and feeling deeply sad. I had already eaten a tuna sandwich and tea, carefully opened the tea bag to dry out its contents, and the bag, and roll a cigarette with it.


Sara Coffin (b. 1983 Kirkland, WA, USA) received their MFA from Yale University (2016) and BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2007). Recent exhibitions include Foster/White Gallery (Seattle, USA) Other Places Art Fair (Los Angeles, CA, USA) and Tops Gallery (Memphis, TN, USA). This fall they will present a solo show at Bellevue College Gallery (Bellevue, WA, USA).

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